Monday, November 8, 2010

Divorce Therapy

awkward face?
(forgive the chipped nail polish)

Blazer- H&M, Scarf and bag-Thrifted, Blouse-My mom's, Jeans-Guess?, Shoes-Rainbow Stores

Visited Mom's house this weekend (can you really call it a visit if home is 20 minutes away?) without proper clothes planning and was confronted with the sad reality of an empty closet and lonely hangers (cue violins). It's like my closet at my mom's and my school closet went through a brutal divorce and school got full custody (Goshdarn lawyers!).

Being away from 99% of your clothes forces you to be a little more creative.  The blouse is part of one of those old matching jacket/shirt/skirt combos you (well, moms I guess) get at Lord and Taylor and wear to things like weddings and family reunions. (My mom made sure to let me know this as she protested me separating the trio, afraid the blouse would never come back. Now what would she wear once a year?)  The jeans are from a couple of years ago when I was experiencing the freshman __ (fill in the blank with a number higher than 15) so they fit a little loose around the hip area.   

Once the outfit came together, I felt a lot more satisfied, as if I had won a styling challenge or something. A prizeless, individual pat-on-the back styling contest, but a challenge nonetheless.  The only parts that weren't from home were the shoes, which, being fifteen bucks from Rainbow (heck ya!), were a win in themselves.


  1. You look fab !!

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  2. I really like your outfit, those shoes are to die for! x

  3. I love all the patterns in this look. That shirt is so cute and those shoes, oh, man, I love those shoes!

  4. those heels are great and so is the scarf!!



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