Monday, November 15, 2010

Queen of Pop

I know I probably say this about everything, but this jacket is actually my favorite! That design on the back makes my day :)
Jacket- Thrifted, Top- Target, Pants and Necklace- Forever 21, Wedges- Urban OG

Every time I put this jacket on I hear the instrumentals to Thriller strike up in my head and have the sudden irresistible urge to moon walk (and then I realize it's near impossible in 4.5 inch wedges). I'd like to think it's something the great MJ would have worn--after all, it meets all his criteria: suede/leather, red, and shoulder pads.  The only thing that's missing are some sequined beaded shoulder tassles.  

Also, these are not leggings (or the dreaded jeggings)! My rule is if they have pockets, then they must be pants. To those of you who can pull off that look, more power to you. I'll be the first to admit I am not of that body type.  I can however, do a mean hip swivel while yelling, "hee HEE!"


  1. I like your look and your tiger ring!
    xoxo from Barcelona :)

  2. You very beautiful, i love this look dear!!!)))
    Very nice post and blog.

  3. you look stunning
    love the jacket


  4. that jacket is fabuolous... and you... are gorgeous!
    love the post - great blog! :)

  5. love your jacket!! your whole outfit looks wonderful on you! :)


  6. great jacket. i have the hardest time wearing red, but looks good on you!

  7. The jacket is freakin' fantastic!


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