Tuesday, November 16, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Headband- Icing, Shawl-Thrifted, Tunic and Socks- Forever21, Cookie- Well, it was bf's...

The weather outside is frightful, and online shopping is so delightful!  I'm really good at filling pretend shopping carts and then clicking out of the browser window before I make any drastic decisions... most of the time. 

The worst is when whatever website you were on sends you an email saying, "Silly Girl, you still have these items in your shopping cart, did you forget to buy them??" You delete the email, and then you visit the website the next day and your shopping cart is still full. At this point there's no turning back.  They say the average person says "no" 5 times before they say "yes"... for me, its more like 2 or 3. 

Instead of attempting to take pictures out in the rain today I decided to make my holiday wish-list.  This consists of things I either could never afford myself or things I wouldn't buy if I had the money for them (but also wouldn't mind getting as a gift). *Hint hint* 

Jeffrey Campbell Pixie Wedge
American Gold- Fringed Crushed Velvet Caftan-- Thinking of making a DIY version for future post
Moon Raven Designs- Bird Skull Ring
Chase Crawford! 

Jk bf, Nate Archibald is wayy too emo.  Gossip girl seasons 1-3 on DVD
Finsk Wedges- Fierrrceeee!
OctopusME Ring-- apparently it's made out of an actual octopus tentacle
Moon Raven Designs- Skull ring--- Not sure what animal that is
TRX bands to use at home- If you've never tried them, don't be fooled, they are brutal!
A gourmet fruitcake.

Not really! I've never even tried one. Fruitcakes are what you give to people you either don't know or don't like!

A Pygmy Marmoset- This is not a joke.  

I have wanted one of these since the 7th grade.  They are the cutest damn monkeys you have ever seen in your life, and don't grow bigger than a baby squirrel!  It's also what inspired the name of this blog. Bf has tried to dissuade me numerous times by showing me the image and video search results for "Pet Monkey Attacks" on Google.  I call it false advertising. My monkeys will be well behaved! 


  1. You should check out Black Sheep and Prodigal Son. My friend interns for them, I think you'd dig their jewelry. He did the Mammoth Talon collab with Pamela Love and a lot of casts, including skulls and honeycombs (really cool looking).



  2. AHhh I was going to put the Pamela love bird talon cuff on here but I thought it would be animal overkill, I love it! I'll def check it out thanks for the heads up :)

  3. I love those photos, so creative!



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