Friday, November 12, 2010


(have been wearing the chainmail Forever 21 necklace non-stop!)

Sweater- Thrifted, T-shirt- Target, Shorts- Forever 21, Tights- American Apparel, Boots- Steve Madden (on sale at Loehman's), Jewelry- Forever 21 and Silpada

Today felt like more like a Saturday, maybe it's because my Friday professors keep finding ways to cancel class.  Even they don't want to come!  

Caps game last night was pretty sweet, and except for blindly walking to the men's bathroom and getting the team cheer completely wrong (how does one mess up 4 words??), I managed not to embarrass myself or bf too badly.  I didn't grow up going to many sporting events and somehow missed most of them in college, so I guess I wasn't really aware of sports fan etiquette. Here's what I've learned:

1) Not wearing something with the team's logo is blasphemous.
2) Heels are not a good idea when you're sitting in the fourth row from the top!
3) The ref is always wrong. Always.
4) Yelling out "GOAAALL!" spanish radio broadcaster-style is not applicable to hockey.

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  1. I looove chain mail...very cool. Love the sweater's texture, looks very velvety. You look great!


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