Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pleather and P.F. Chang's

Sweater- Mom's, T-shirt- Bf's, Sequined Blouse- Goodwill, Shorts and Necklace- Forever 21, 
Ring- Icing

I pretty much lived in these pleather shorts (from Friday's post) this weekend.  The sweater was given to my mom as a gift when she visited my dad's family in Colombia back in the 80s. It's coming apart along some of the seams but I think the holes make it feel more special.  Or maybe that's just the response I give people who ask me if I tried to look homeless on purpose...

Rediscovered the joy that is Chinese food and celebrated by crushing a whole order of P.F. Chang's fried meat dumplings by myself. (And an order of shrimp fried rice!) Also on the list of everyday food I forgot about- Clementines (also great for juggling!) and Cheetos in baked form (bf lured me to the taxi home by dangling a bag of them in front of my face horse-and-carrot style). In the spirit of rediscovery, I was also forced to order some Domino's cheesy bread this afternoon.

Okay, so maybe not the healthiest weekend, but the way I see it, I'm just practicing for Thanksgiving!

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