Friday, November 19, 2010

Finger-lickin' Good

Jacket- Thrifted, Sweater- Dads, Shorts and tights- Forever 21, Octopus ring- Icing, Talon Necklace- Medeival Times

I'm settling for this little octopus ring from Icing until I can afford this one.  And luckily for my animal jewelry obsession, I completely forgot I owned this necklace until I stumbled upon it in an old box the other day. It's from Medeival Times, as in the place you go eat whole chickens with your hands like a barbarian and watch jousting reenactments. (To be honest, that's how I tend to eat anyway!) Just goes to show I can be tempted to shop practically anywhere.

The sweater is my dad's from the 70's, I wish I could have found some pictures to post of him-- he used to rock it with long hair, aviators, short shorts, and tall white-and-black striped knee socks.  

Come to think of it, the only real difference in how I styled it was the shoes and stockings... weird!


  1. those shoes are beyond hot, and your polish color is gorgeous. I am also loving your ring. You have a wonderful blog I am a new follower.


  2. love the leather shorts and that nail colour is awesome!
    im really enjoying your blog! keep up the good stuff and come visit me soon xx

  3. Love the leather shorts! Bought a similar just a coupple of weeks ago!


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