Monday, October 25, 2010

Crime and Punishment

Jacket-Mom's, T-shirt- Target, Shorts-Forever21, Belt-Dad's, Oxfords-Urban Outfitters

This is my mom's jacket from when she was a Captain in the Navy (I did a similar post a couple of years ago with a forever21 version, but I prefer the real deal). I looked up to her big time when I was a little girl because of the fact she got to wear a "fancy outfit" everyday.  In third grade, when it came time for career day, I dressed in my mom's uniform-- skirt, heels, hat and all -- and went clopping away to school (heels were wayy too big).  I've since changed my desired career path, but I will forever love the look of a nice military blazer.

Apparently, my old English teacher feels the same way, in fact so much so that she gave me a nice complement on the jacket followed by a harsh toungue lashing in front of the class: 

"Don't you know that's fine wool?? IF YOU ROLL YOUR SLEEVES UP THE FABRIC WILL STAY THAT WAY FOREVERRR! Unroll them right away!"

It felt like when my parents used to tell me to stop making an ugly face or it would stay stuck that way. ("Uh mom, that's actually my normal face...")

By the tone in my teacher's voice, I had committed a cardinal fashion sin, and she probably wanted to do this to me:
                                          (Definitely time for a bang trim!)

Okay so maybe that's a little extreme. This is actually from a visit to DC's Museum of Crime and Punishment yesterday. I highly reccommend, just make sure whoever goes with you doesn't bring any rotten tomatoes!

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  1. Like like like, and that jacket will soon be mine! :)


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