Friday, October 29, 2010

Ode to the King Kong of Shoes

Dress-Vintage, Belt-My dad's, Necklace and Cuff- Forever 21, Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

Normally I stay away from fads or momentary trends to avoid the pain of seasonal closet cleansing once they go out of style.  Of course some trends become classics and can be stored away, but then there are others like the 5-inch platform sketchers thong sandal (for all I know as soon as I post this they'll come back in style and I'll have to eat my words) that make me wonder why I wasted my money.  

Which is why when I first saw these Jeffrey Campbell Litas, I thought they looked awesome, but would never buy them.  I wrote them off as this year's jelly shoes and gave myself a pat on the back for making such a mature decision.  

But then, Lita fever ensued. They were featured on the feet of all my favorite bloggers.  Armies of Litas were marching through my dreams. I woke up in a cold sweat and told myself to stay strong, the moment would pass.  Besides, they looked ridiculously uncomfortable!

Not so, apparently.  Rumi called them "the most comfortable shoes to boost one so high, ever."  Karen called them "slippers with heels attatched" They were constantly sold out and back ordered on 66 positive customer reviews don't lie!  This only made me pine for them more.

The evidence before me, I began to rationalize their belonging in my shoe collection. Okay, so rationalizing lasted about as long as it took you to read that last sentence. They are here, they are tall, and they are fabulous!  I made sure to put them to the stair test-- there's a never-ending set of steps leading up to my house (not including the tall flight of stairs going to my attic room) that has discouraged me from wearing heels to go up or down them.  Moment of truth:

They pass! Yipee! The Lita's are everything I dreamed they'd be :)




  2. Haha, YES. I got these way back in June (pre ordered). Wore them for 8 hours walking up and down at Fashion Week and not a single shoe bite of sore toe. Incredible, yes? And got stopped by a billion people gawking at them.

    Love, love, love.
    Following you, babe!


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