Monday, November 1, 2010

Scenes from Halloween Weekend

Let me start off by saying D.C. was a madhouse this weekend! I missed the rally because of some prior engagements but still ran into throngs of people stuffed into the Metro who said it was a good time.  Some of these pictures were taken with a cellphone camera so they're not as good quality, but I still wanted to make sure to share them!

We participated in a scavenger hunt on Saturday afternoon that involved darting around the city looking for clues that were impossible to decode without the help of a smartphone or Ph.D. in U.S. History.  Things like "Go to the hotel where the 28th president of the United states made his famous speech about horses, next to the park named after the Civil War general who went by the nickname, "Bubba." (This one's completely made up but you get the idea) Our phones being dead or out of service, we managed to figure out 4 out of 9 clues before trudging back to the bar for drink specials and free food.

The outcome of pumpkin carving the other day:

Just kidding! It actually looked like this:

I managed to carve out half of the left eye before the bf suggested I go get candles---his nice way of saying that I was struggling with carving and it was painful to watch!  I came back to find the finished masterpiece.

Costume from later Saturday Night:

No, they are not real cupcakes, and yes, they are looking a little droopy!  It was a constant battle against gravity until I surrendered and de-velcroed them, much to the bf's relief.

Went to Coco-Sala's prix-fixe Halloween Brunch on Sunday.  They're known for infusing chocolate into everything on the menu, from appetizers to deserts to champagne (I highly reccommend the chocolate covered bacon).  

Favorite. Restaurant. Ever. Period.

Cheddar hash browns, chicken sausage, scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and roasted tomato with hollandaise sauce on pesto flatbread.

Dark Chocolate Mousse around a vanilla creme brulee with caramel and macadamia nuts over a brownie. Can you say heaven?

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