Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We Need a Resolution

Blazer, Sweater, and Slip- Thrifted, Socks-(stolen from bf), Necklace- Laila Rowe, Booties- Jeffrey Campbell

Today's outfit made me want to live the rest of my life wearing oversized sweaters. I've been engaging in a Cold War with my roommates, literally.  My room is almost always freezing (note to anyone moving into an attic room: Space heater is a must!) so I pile on layers to the point where I feel like Joey in that one episode of Friends.  I've realized, as did Joey, this makes for little range of motion. 

So I've gone with option B: silent thermostat battle (muahaha).  I sneak downstairs as quietly as I can ("quietly" is relative when you live in an attic, it still sounds like a horse galloping downstairs), crank up the heat to 80 degrees, and dash back up to my room.  Ah, the thrill! Wonderful warm air will blow for about half an hour before one of my roommates realizes and the heat is abruptly cut off. Darn. And then we start all over again.  

Have you ever seen those scary news specials with titles like "When Space Heaters Attack" that show some nice person who rushed to work, forgot to turn off their heater and burned their house to the ground? That's totally me! So for the safety of those around me, no heater for right now. The war wages on! No telling when it will end, but until then I have plenty of sweaters :)


Thank you for reading my blog! I appreciate all your comments :)

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