Monday, November 29, 2010

Repo Mission

Pleather Jacket- Rainbow, T-shirt- Bf's, Pants- Thrifted, Boots- Steve Madden

These are my genie pants and another case of being attracted to shiny objects. (I mean, come on, who wouldn't want a pair of blue metallic pajama pants?)  I pinned them at the ankle to make them easier to tuck into boots. The pictures make them look more wrinkly than they actually are.

So a couple of weeks ago, in my frenzied shopping spree, I ended up ordering some items online from Urban Outfitters.  They're usually very good about delivering within 2-3 days max, so you can imagine I became a little concerned when a month and an additional order later I still hadn't received my goodies. Hmmm. Looked online and realized I had sent both orders to an address I lived at two years ago. (Sometimes automatic checkout is your enemy!

Gulp! My clothes were being held hostage! I immediately flashed back to my previous living situation.  I would consider myself pretty easy going, but for some reason, the girl who owned that house and I did not get along. Maybe it was the various broken appliances that she claimed worked fine (When you put your clothes in the dryer, they're not supposed to get wetter). Or maybe it was her passive aggressive Martin Lutheresque list of 95 grievances typed up and slid under all our doors one night (she then pretended like nothing was wrong).  Maybe it was our facebook status war (the only time I've been moved to any type of aggression, ever). Either way, I was a little reluctant on how to handle the situation. 

Should I bring a baseball bat? Or backup? As I pulled up to the old house, I wondered if she even lived there anymore.  Would someone answer the door wearing my red pumps?  Would they pretend I was mistaken so they could keep the free clothes? (it's like a stork dumping a newborn baby on your doorstep, afterall!)  I peered into the window and saw a white board covered with calculus equations (Hmm, not like her, none of us were very studious that year).  Rang the doorbell. No answer. (They knew it was me!) Knocked. No answer (Darn it, I'll never get these shoes). Knocked again. Footsteps. (Eek pretend like you weren't just staring through the window!)

A nerdy looking guy answered the door...

Guy: (Looking puzzled at my genie pants like he just got up from a nap) Can I, uh, help you?

Me: So I accidentally had some packages delivered here?

Guy: Oh. You're the one. Let me grab them. (2 seconds later) Here you go...

Me: (Wow that was easy) Thanks bye!

Don't know why I even stressed out about it, the girl was away at grad school! So in the end, my precious packages were safe and sound, and I changed my delivery address online. Not that I'm planning on doing more shopping anytime soon ;)


  1. Oh my goodness, you're adorable. I stumbled on your blog through a Fug Girls comment, and I am now following you.

    Stop by my blog for a visit sometime:

  2. i love this outfit! I hope you'll visit my blog!

  3. nice heels!

  4. Cool outfit and lovely blog! :)



  5. wow you are so lucky you got your clothes back! I would totally flip out once I realized what had happened :) this coat is so gorgeous, love the genie pants on you!


  6. Those vintage pants are soooooooooooooo AMAZZZZING! I'm in love with the them..the color, the shape! And...sooo happy you got your packages must have been soooo RELIEVED!!! phew...I read that post sooooooo fast to find out what happened...(you are a fab writer!!!)
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  7. I like it, very nice look dear!!!)))

  8. OMG ! i love your jacket ! So niiice :)

  9. I love this outfit. Honestly, I would never think to pair a leather jacket with genie pants, and that's why it is great. It is unexpected.

    And! "Or maybe it was her passive aggressive Martin Lutheresque list of 95 grievances typed up and slid under all our doors one night" That is just ridiculous! I bet she was a trip to live with.


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