Wednesday, November 10, 2010

English Teacher Fashion Advice, Part 3

Jacket- Thrifted, Top- Arden B, Shorts, necklace, tights, and boots- Forever 21

[Part of an ongoing series where my 70 year old-English teacher criticizes my fashion choices in front of the class and I take it with a smile because I want an A]

Me: So Mrs. Turner, about this paper--

Teacher: (interrupts) Katherine!

Me: Yes?

Teacher: That shirt doesn't quite go with that jacket now does it?

Me: Umm--

Teacher: DOES IT?

Me: Uhh I don't know! I thought it did...

Teacher: No. That is a nice elegant jacket, and you're wearing it with a T-shirt! Don't you think that's too casual?

Me: I guess that's kind of my style, mix casual and---

Teacher:(interrupts) Well it just doesn't work. The t-shirt ruins it! It should be worn with a nice blouse, maybe you can match it to that red color.  

Me: Okay Mrs. Turner, I'll try that for next time!

Teacher: (smiling, leaning back in chair and folding hands) Good.

Our class came to the consensus that she grades not on merit but on the brownie point system.  By the end of the semester, either she is going to accept my taste or I will have to convert to hers on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays because I need to pass!

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