Wednesday, November 16, 2011

LPM 3-Way Style Challenge

I'm excited to finally reveal the pictures from a little project we were working on over the weekend! La Petite Marmoset picked three local fashionistas to style three of our reconstructed vintage pieces: A tartan jacket, a red cutout top, and a hi/low pleated plaid skirt.  I loved that no two looks came even close to being the same---- these girls have such distinct styles but totally rocked each piece in their own way! 

1) Krystin (Be Loud Be You)
 "My friends think my style is crazy," says Krystin-- she loves mixing different prints and textures (check out the combos above: Tartan and leopard, Silk and sequins, beads and plaid!).  We love how she makes "loud" look completely natural! 
Asos pink blazer, H&M dress (she got it for $5!)

2) Alina (The Hyperbalist)
"I know this is cliche, but I would describe my style as eclectic," says Alina. "And that's really what it is!" She also described as vintage, grunge, whatever she feels like "but definitely NOT preppy!" We are digging your eclectic vintage grunge laid back definitely not preppy take on LPM! (Especially that T-shirt) 
Shirt from Style Etoile and Shoes from Steve Madden
3) Victoria (Curious Chase)
"A friend of my mom's found these cowboy boots at the thrift store and knew I would like them!" We wish we were all so lucky to have fairy shopping mothers-- Victoria said she doesn't like her style to be "predictable" and she got inspiration from living in New Orleans--- "people don't care about trends, they just dress how they feel." Her bold red lip was the perfect accessory!

Vintage bag

Nice job ladies! Until next challenge...xoxo

Check out more photos from this set on our Facebook page :)

All photos by La Petite Marmoset


  1. OMG this challenge turned out better than what I'd imagined!! Can't wait to see future ones everyone's unique styles are on point!! Love this :)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the happy to be a part of the first LPM challenge :)

  3. every style was so fresh and unique. love it ladies!!! thanks LPM!

  4. Ooh this challenge looks oh so fun. Hope this continues!!

  5. Everyone looks fabulous. Love the different looks.

  6. Love to see how each of you styled the same pieces. Looking good, ladies!


  7. what a great idea and great looks! I cannot wait to see the next challenge :) I have my readers challenge me but this is amazing!

  8. I loved seeing how this challenge worked out! Great pieces, and great styling!

  9. What a fun idea!! I love the way Alina styled the pieces! I am your newest follower :)

  10. This challenge is freakin' awesome!!!

    The end.

  11. It´s great.


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