Friday, November 4, 2011

"Oh wow, this stuff actually IS made well!"

Sai from Because I'm Fabulous living up to her blog name!
Victoria (A Curious Chase), Alina (The Hyperbalist/ Every local online publication you can think of), and Waverly (Pich Roor)
Finally met the lovely Cheralee-- I asked if her hair was a wig because it looked too perfect!
Mera (designer behind Miri NYC), Lauren (HauteoffthePress), and Ally (Chain Strap Purse)
Spicy Candy DC, aka my future PR people
Denisio in her reconstructed skirt with Thelma's Vanity Vintage purse--- have you seen her girl-of-the-week post yet?
Desiree of Fashion Empowering Women, myself, and Lida 
Liz (So Much to Smile About) and Lacey (A Lacey Perspective)--- these CapFabb cofounders are helping put DC on the map :)
Cameron (I want him to teach me his makeup secrets), Kim, and a girl who looked super cute but forgot her name
Naseya from The Seventh District wearing a La Petite Marmoset Top she picked up at Violet Boutique! Yeaaa! (I really had to restrain myself from typing that in all caps)
Favorite photo of the night with Marshall (The President Wears Prada), Carlis and a camera ghost.

Photos by La Petite Marmoset

So Refinery 29 has a new home in DC-- No big deal...

Actually very big deal! It was as if the online fashion gods finally answered the prayers of store owners, designers, marketers, bloggers and fashionistas all across the DC metro area---No longer do we have to endure merciless teasing from out-of-towners that DC "has no style." Boo yah.

To celebrate their launch, Refinery hosted a party at Madewell in Georgetown-- why must these events always take place somewhere where I can get tipsy and spend money? (Maybe I just answered my own question!)  A few other bloggers and I kept eyeing the beautiful red sheer Alexa Chung dress-- I stayed strong though!

UPDATE: Spicy Candy DC just posted the final pictures from our lookbook collaboration with them. It's been exciting seeing new photos pop up everyday and watching our clothes come to life--- the response has been great!  

Thanks again ladies for your hard work and looking forward to our next project!


  1. Hello fellow CapFABBer! So sad I couldn't make it to the event yesterday. It looked like such a great time! Nice pics.


  2. You looks so nice last night!! It was really nice meeting you!

  3. Typos Err! You looked so nice last night and it was really nice meet you!

  4. I make a sad face because I didn't get to see you at the event. But, girl, looking at all the pictures from other bloggers and your post I can say that I freakin' LOVED your outfit. The cutout denim shirt? Fantastic. The skirt? Fantastic. Funny enough, when I saw Neseya/Nicole the first thing I said was how much I loved her blouse. Let me find out that it's your creation! Awesome.

  5. Fabulous clothing and smart writing!

    I should have know that my daughter would be a fashion trend setter when one day, at age 7, she disappeared in the basement only to reappear a couple of hours later with a dress she had cobbled together with pieces of different clothes!. It looked like a jigsaw puzzle but was absolutely unique!

    This genetic tendency towards towards fashion was further revealed when on spring vacation in Paris she fought me tooth and nail about going the Louvre, the bridges, the Eiffel tower etc. She just wanted to go shopping! I was unable to prevail (who could with a determined 14 year old girl?) we ended up splitting!. I went to my museums and she went to check fabulous primtemps de Paris.

    But this was not just a girl that would follow trends or be mesmerized by brands. I am still amazed how , at that tender age, Katherine looked at many of the clothes at printtemps and pronounced them "cheaply made" and "overpriced".

    Now, if she only turned her classy, original fashion sense to us guys!. Hey, we also want to look hot ans sexy. why can't we have a little help?


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