Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Are those real?"

Taking a much needed break!

Photos by La Petite Marmoset

I could pretend that I had the "in" at every runway show and after party, that I got a front row seat to Herve Leger and sat next to some fabulous editor, and that I was constantly snapped by the hottest magazines, but I wont--- this weekend was all about hustling! We got the chance to see Raphael Cennamo, Lorena Sarbu, Vantan Tokyo, and Lela Rose--- It was exciting to see it all happen live (we were literally breathing on the models--- I felt bad for the ones who had to stand on stage for an hour and a half!). Somehow we always ended up gravitating towards coordinating outfits-- apparently Saturday was whimsical midi skirt day.

By the way, how crazy is that Ines Figaredo skull purse? Hope those teeth aren't real...


  1. amazing! you went to some great shows, i'm jealous.
    those gowns are really exquisite & i'm loving that skull purse! i hope the teeth aren't real either...

  2. So cute! I was so happy when i saw you in tent! hahahaha great photos, next time we have to see each other like everyday and hang out at the lounges! xo

  3. Sooo, I gotta say, I really enjoy the photos - so much fun! And also, your blog is gorgeous. xx


  4. That skull purse is def crazy!i like


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