Friday, February 10, 2012

Sugar Sugar How you Get So High

Who knew white balloons made such great props?

Photos by Sebastian Marin

Some quick behind the scenes photos from our Vday lookbook shoot with Spicy Candy DC--- We loved Ana Buitrago's sexy but sweet hair and makeup (and now have a new favorite Mac lipstick: "Candy Yum-Yum"). Waverly went to town doodling all over Alina's chalkboard wall (which I totally want in my apartment one day). Will and Caroline worked great together and had a very good idea of the specific shots they wanted to get (i.e. one of the above photos with Caroline showing Zak how to properly cover Emma's face and "surprise" her).  Thanks to Cheralee and Allix (who went on a mission to round up goodies), there were A LOT of sweets on set--- everyone experienced a simultaneous sugar high ("whoo, life is beautiful, this rocks, I could do this all day!") followed by the inevitable sugar crash ("Buhhhhh I want a nap!") several hours later. In case you're wondering where these heavenly treats are from...

1) Whoopie Pies, Cookies, and cupcakes- Baked N' Wired
2) Chocolate covered pretzels and sticks- NomNomBlingBling
3) Chocolate Lips Box- Coco Sala
4) Toi et Moi Cake- Paul Bakery

That's a wrap <3

See the the Lookbook here
Shop the lookbook here
Behind the Scenes Video here

La Petite Marmoset Vday Lookbook

Photography: Will Manning
Videography: Caroline Lacey (Coo Photography)
Behind the Scenes photography: Sebastian Marin (SmF0t0)
Styling: Carlis Sanchez and Katya Ananieva (Spicy Candy DC)
Creative Directors: Katherine Martinez (La Petite Marmoset) and Ashley Turchin (La Belle Vie Ashley)
Models: Emma Jade and Zak Stratton
Hair and Makeup: Ana Buitrago (DMV's Got Style)
Artwork: Waverly Bair (Pich Roor)
Set/Props: Allix Wright (The District) and Cheralee Lyle (Lyle Style)
Location: Alina Gonzalez (The Hyperbalist)
Accessories: Jewelry and Harness- Shop Jeen, Pink and Red Clutch- Love, Cortnie

Baked goods and chocolates provided by: Baked n' WiredPaul BakeryCo Co. Sala, and Linda P of NomNomblingbling


  1. I love the behind the scenes photos! Oh how I wish i was lying on that treat table right about now!! xoxo

  2. Beautiful photos you doing an amazing job!

  3. great pictures!

    Fashion Philosophy

  4. I love makingoff Super Klasse Post my Dear. I'm hungry i love chocolipps. =)

    Today you can visit me DIY in:

    XOXO from Munich

    La Vie Quotidienne


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