Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Work: LPM Lookbook July


With Summer more than half way over (say it ain't so!), we realize this lookbook may come a tad late--- we actually shot it in the beginning of June, but due to a variety of factors, we are finally releasing it now!  The concept "Summer Work" came from this idea--- what if, instead of middle-aged day laborers/landscaping men in work boots and ripped jeans, we replaced them with gorgeous LPM girls in 5 inch heels and neon?  The result had us parading around Columbia Heights in 90+ degree weather on a Sunday afternoon, scrambling to borrow a truck last minute, and asking a confused neighbor if we could mow his lawn (I don't think he minded too much).  People came out to their front porches to watch the procession and wanted to know-- could they too, have a cameo in our "rap video?"

A big thank you to the wonderful team that worked on the lookbook! 


Creative Concept/ Styling:
Ashley Turchin (La Petite Marmoset)
Katherine Martinez (La Petite Marmoset)
Carlis Sanchez (Spicy Candy DC)

Hair & Makeup: Ink Cosmetics LLC

Photography: Randolph Garrett & Katherine Martinez
Clothing: La Petite Marmoset  

Jewelry:  Violet Boutique

Mansi Mehta
Marcela De Campos
Simone Lagergren

Location: Columbia Heights, Washington DC


  1. another great job ladies! ...& now i want some hot denim booty shorts!!! ;)

  2. I may be a tiny bit bias...but DAUYM. Give me some emma! <3 xxx

  3. Can never get enough of my favorite LPM models :)

  4. The photos look great! Good teamwork everyone!


  5. Great lookbook! I have that green and gold necklace I love it.

  6. Pictures are so pretty. Like it.

  7. Those are some stunning outfits.


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