Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Amazing Purse Woman

*Zzzzzip*--- Bam!

Photos by Charlyndria Horton

Vest, Bag, and Clip-on paisley earrings- Vintage (La Petite Marmoset), Dress- Forever21, Collar Tips- La Petite Marmoset (here), Triangle bracelet- random store in Nebraska, black beaded bracelet- gift from Venezuela, Tulip ring- vintage, Boots- Soles (here)

Recently discovered the magical mirror in the bottom of this purse after having a "duh, there's a zipper for a reason" moment---- how effing cool is that?  Maybe I found this purse for a reason--- maybe I'm actually meant to help the poor mirrorless people of the world who have spinach stuck in their teeth at lunch! (that was me the other day, and I WISH someone had come to the rescue!).  Maybe I can use it to reflect sun and blind an attacker (since pepper spray is technically illegal to carry in DC)--- maybe it's kind of like having a super power! Maybe I watched too many cheesy comic films this past weekend...


  1. bahahahaha, I could ziiippp...BAM a few other things too!

    Cute outfit chica!

  2. Pretty dress, shoes and vest, love your hair ;)


  3. haha love the purse! (And everything else..)


  4. Look. There is an easy way and a hard way we can go about this. You can either just give me every piece of jewelry you're wearing. Or I will tie you to a light post and take it myself. Kapish?

  5. love every one of your accessories, but that bag the most! you're a super hero in my book :) xx

    ps. kate is hilarious ^^^^^

  6. How awesome is that bag and everything else! And why has it taken me this long to find your blog. duh!

    xx Jenee C.

  7. Ohh, very cool. Love the vest.


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