Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby When the Lights, Go Out...

Jacket- Vintage, Womens XXL shirt worn as dress- Rainbow, Leopard booties- UrbanOG.com, Scarf- H&M(12th grade), Jewelry- UO, Silpada, and Icing

I love the versatility of this bomber jacket-- it's nice and worn in, super soft, and never feels too bulky (but still very warm!).  I wore it around my room yesterday when I caused a fuse to blow with my space heater (cranked up to 80 degrees) and hair dryer running at the same time. I've always been too scared to poke around in the dark depths of the basement for the circuit box! I finally figured it out when I came back from class 6 hours later after driving my roommate crazy by making all the lights turn on and off a bunch of times.  Hmm. Maybe I should have just flipped the one switch that said "off." 

I also love how the sign outside this antique shop says "Usually Open 7 days"-- From the looks of it no one has been there in a while!


  1. I love the shoes. And I know exactly how you feel about digging around the dark and scary circuit box. I'm always afraid I'm gonna flip the wrong switch.


  2. booties are grrreat ! i love how you keep buying shirts that are size XXL & beltiing them to be worn as a dress . really cute & creative .

    ALYSSA .

  3. love yer shoes.

    p.s. having a giveaway on my blog for a fox tail if you'd like to check it out. xx

  4. love the shoes!!
    thanx for visiting my blog, hope you come back for more.

  5. Beautiful shoes!!!

  6. I love this look!



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