Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Medieval Chic

Faux Fur Jacket- Filene's, T-shirt dress- Forever21, Black Rainboots- some random website, Scarf- gift, Headdress- Highway Child (via UO), Infiniti and Bird Skull Ring- Icing and UO

Taking a self-timed tripod photo while a wintry mix is coming down was more challenging than I anticipated (note the water droplets) but in the end I liked the foggy-looking result.  Everyday without fail, someone will creep by slowly, roll down their window, and lean out their car to question/comment on what I'm doing taking photos of myself.  Yesterday it was, "Girl, are you makin' a video? Can I be in it too?"  Soon after a guy in another car passed by, honked, and yelled "Good MORNING beautiful!" in Spanish. Ahhh, a day in the life of a blogger.  Next time I'm going to an empty park.

I think I let out a little squeal of joy when I received this headpiece in the mail. (for some reason it went to the old address again, making this my third visit to pick up a package. It's now a running joke with the guys that live there). It has the feel of a crusading knight princess (file under: good ideas for band names) and doubles as a necklace, which is how I'll justify its purchase to the bf.  Two pieces of jewelry for the price of one!  The budget minded consumer wouldn't dare pass up such a deal :)


  1. That chain hairpiece is incredible! I've never seen anything like it!

  2. I love this look, the headband brings it together perfectly! Your rings are awesome too. xx Sprinkles in Springs

  3. i love your jacket! and your rings! and your hairpiece! gaaaa..... i love everything about this outfit!!!!!:D

    Buy WoW DeathKnight

  4. i can't even tell you how much i love those rings. amazing!

  5. Your blog has the cutest name EVER! I take my photos indoors or in my garden!!

  6. Just arrived from Stylescrapbook :)
    and in love with your headband <3 <3

    You have a new follower!!

    xo from Florence
    Irene’s Closet

  7. so chic! love the coat.xx

  8. This is a great outfit {as was the one in the previous post as well}. The effect of the water droplets looks really cool.
    Great post! :)


  9. this is the absolute coolest. love that headpiece it lends the "medievel" look, the rainboots are just perfect with it.

  10. The "bf" is going to hate me forever for single handedly justifying every shoe purchase in a matter of seconds with a series of oooohhhhhhhhhs haha


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