Friday, January 27, 2012

Burlap Sack

I can see through your sole...

Photos by Sebastian Marin

Faux leather jacket- Rainbow, Dress- Vintage, Bag and heart ring- Thrifted, Sunnies and silver cuff- Forever21, Watch- Cartier (vintage),  Booties- Asos (here)

You know that saying, "She could wear a burlap sack and make it look good"? I think someone actually took it to heart and decided to use one to make this dress (I swear the material doesn't look this wrinkly in person!). I kind of love it. Maybe it looks more like a brown paper bag-- either way, the best part is the attempt to dress it up with an asymmetrical lace overlay. Next time you have a bag and a doily, you know what to do...


  1. Looks amazing! Love the asymmetrical lace - it is such a great contrast! xoxo

  2. I love this. Your arm candy is so cute.

  3. I'm really loving your booties!

    xoxo, Shariece

  4. Oh I'm obsessed with the leather jacket! It's perfect!

  5. OOOOhhhhh I sooo love it. Head to Toe this is just awesome!! I am soo happy I found your blog!! Now following if I'm not already.
    xoxo asiahlynn

  6. Every time I see those shoes...I WANT

  7. Was just going through R29's style blogger contest before submitting mine and saw your pic - absolutely love your style! Will definitely stop by to visit again!

    Alexandra xo

  8. I loved loved loved this look. especially the booties like I said :)


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