Monday, January 9, 2012

Fur is Wonder

 Hello there bacon-egg-and-swiss on whole-grain yuminess...I know you're so bad but you taste so good!

All photos by Sebastian Marin

Coat- Vintage, Velvet Dress- Thrifted J. Crew, Sunnies and necklace- Forever21, Shoes- Miista, Bag- Style & Co, Chain Bracelet- Dearbearcat (here)

I finally experienced a real vintage fur-gasm! (don't you love how you can add that suffix on to any word and instantly make it sound way more exciting?)  Not only does this coat have mink and leather zig-zag stripes, it has paisly print lining that adds what I referr to as "secret fun" (It's kind of like wearing fabulous underwear that only you know about).  Naturally, I wore it to go eat deli bagel sandwiches---- hope you all had a great breakfast this morning and start to your week! 


  1. That is one way to make a delicious breakfast that much more glamorous!


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