Friday, January 13, 2012

"La Vie est Belle": Ashley Turchin + La Petite Marmoset

Photos of Ashley (who models her own pieces as well) from our most recent photoshoot-- she has her "blogger pose" down!

From Top: Top and belt- Ashley's own, Skirt- Reconstructed LPM (similar here), High Low Batik Dress- Reconstructed La Belle Vie for LPM (here), Yellow Blazer: Vintage LBV for LPM (here), Pink Blazer- Same, Red High-low hawaiian- Reconstructed LBV for LPM 

I first met Ashley via Etsy message online--- she was happy to find another like-minded vintage enthusiast in the DC area!  Ashley is the owner/creative director behind La Belle Vie Vintage, an etsy shop that stocks romantic, ethereal vintage pieces. (Basically, the ying to our yang)  After meeting her in person at the Violet Boutique Holiday Party, we began bouncing ideas of of each other and decided to start collaborating. She had some pieces on her shop that she felt could use a reconstruction update----- we loved her looks in the LPM 3-way style challenge and were excited to have a fresh take on the shop.  Check out some of the looks from our most recent photo shoot above--- can't wait to work more with this chica!

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  1. You sure say nice things about this girl :) tehehe, thanks love! xoxo


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