Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Studio 85 Drop By and DIY

I want this in my room-- now!

Photos by Lida Ramsey

Cape- LOFT, Cuff- Velvet Lounge, Dress- Forever21

We spent a lovely Sunday brunching with fellow "bloggeras" at Busboys and Poets and then at Studio 85 for their "Drop By and DIY Collar" event--- it felt like a little girl's birthday party! (in a good way)   Owner Tamika had tables full of studs sequins rhinestones and glue waiting for us to exercise some creativity (and our fingers-- studs are no joke!).  I loved the vibes of this place-- Studio 85 is more than just a boutique, it's a community gathering space.  Finished off the day by heading to the Degas exhibit at the Phillips Collection-- seriously feel blessed to be surrounded by so many great people and events in this city!


  1. This looked like so much fun!! Wish I could have made it out sunday

  2. The DIY party looks like creativity juices were a-flowing. Too bad I missed it. You look so happy in the last photo. It's great!

  3. This seems so cool! I wish there was something like this where I leave!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  4. We had so much fun! Lida's pictures are great! xoxo

  5. I agree the pictures came out great & it was so fun getting to sit down & craft together!!


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