Monday, June 25, 2012


Booty booty booty detail shot

Photos by Charlyndria Horton

Top and collar tips- La Petite Marmoset (here), Shorts- Violet Boutique, Spiked Cuff- She's Unique, Watch- Belongs to LPM Ashley, Beaded Cuff- Forever21, Clutch- Vintage

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a fine weekend and managed not to fry too badly :) This is my entry in CAPFABB's June Style Challenge (check out the other bloggers who entered here) --I've loved lace/crochet shorts for a few years now (own a similar pair in cream) but had yet to come across such an in-your-face neon version. Naturally, I had to have them (see last 2 months of obnoxiously bright posts).  Wore this outfit to the Violet Boutique/ Spicy Candy DC/ TPWP Lookbook party on Thursday--- I'm so proud of the creative team, it was a big step for owner Julie! (if you haven't seen the lookbook yet check it here).  

Saturday morning Ana Buitrago held a makeup seminar here at the LPM showroom--- here are just two of the many lovely ladies who attended and learned how to create a flawless face! 
 Alina (The Hyperbalist) and her bestie Kate

By the way, LPM Ashley is on the West Coast in Portlandia for the next two weeks visiting family---- miss her a ton right now!

 *The title has nothing to do with this post except that there is neon in it--- and maybe my caveman eating habits...


  1. oh pretttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! love love love!

  2. As soon as I saw your outfit at the Lookbook party, I was like you better submit it for the challenge. In my head, of course. lolol. You look great. Lovelovelove the shorts.

  3. Awesome outfit, you looked great at the Violet Lookbook party!

  4. super cute shorts! LOVE IT!!! The pics are gawjus as well!


  5. lovely look!


  6. those shorts are GREAT!

  7. LOVE it! Those shorts are amazing! And thanks for the mention :)


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