Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This is the closest I will get to any form of surfing...

Photos by Waverly Bair

Tunic- Violet Boutiqe, Removable Collar tips- La Petite Marmoset (here), Skirt- Ann Taylor (via Buffalo Exchange), Spiked Cuff- She's Unique, Watch- belongs to LPM Ashley, Wedges- UrbanOG.com

The first and last time I tried to surf was during spring break my freshman year of college--- I was feeling over confident in my ability to tackle new physical activities-- besides, if  Kate Bosworth could hang ten, why couldn't I? (duh, stunt doubles)  That hubris lasted all of about 10 seconds when the board and I flew in opposite directions, landed in an awkward series of splashes, and left me with a royally skinned knee.  *Cue clapping from my friends on the beach*


  1. hahhaha too funny love the last one. Omg i can't imagine how crazy it would be if i tried surfing I know i'd be all over the place.

  2. Very cool pattern on the skirt.

  3. Love the skirt and top.... really pretty

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