Wednesday, June 13, 2012

3-Way Style Challenge June: LPM Showroom

In the June edition of the 3-Way Style Challenge, we invited 3 local bloggers to come "run wild" in the new LPM showroom!  Instead of styling one piece, the girls each styled an entire outfit---- all they brought were shoes/ accessories.  It was fun to see an entire outfit styled with vintage in 3 completely different ways---These ladies definitely know how to work it!

Who styled best? Vote for your favorite blogger in the poll at the end of the post--- winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to La Petite Marmoset! (Polls close Friday at Noon ET)

1) Lacey (A Lacey Perspective)

Lacey just got engaged--- she's only a little bit excited ;)
Shirt and Shorts- Vintage (La Petite Marmoset available here), Shoes- Zara

Lacey, on her personal style: "My summers are filled with color, print mixing and sequins. Don't be afraid to sparkle day or night!"

2) Monica (Monalavinia)

Top and Shorts- Vintage (La Petite Marmoset), Shoes- Zara

Monica, on her personal style: "I'm highly inspired by my surroundings. Summer time for me is skin , prints and vibrant colored vibes. Silhouettes are my focus , texture my preference, print mixing my specialty." 

Top, Belt, and Skirt- Vintage (La Petite Marmoset available here and here), Clutch- her own DIY

Denisio, on her personal style: "I think my style is colorful, fun, vintage, and eccentric.  I like tailored lines like in pencil skirts because they are flattering to my curves.  I love to mix prints and textures, especially florals with animal prints.  And I love anything with a little bit of sparkle!"

Nice job ladies! Now it's time to vote:

Which blogger styled best? free polls 


  1. That jumping pic is hilar haha I love it.

  2. such great looks!


  3. Denisio invents style, she doesn't just wear it! Ya heard...get it girl!!

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  5. These girls all have such fabulous style! What a fun challenge this was :) xx

  6. I love the bright colors! Such fun looks.

  7. Anyone that can ace a look with "the dreaded Hawaiian shirt" deserves to win!!! #teammonica

  8. Denisio has such great style - I love those in fashion that take risks :)


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