Monday, June 4, 2012

Food Attack Friday

 Food that can follow you is equally exciting and dangerous.

Photos by Ashley Turchin

Dress- Vintage (La Petite Marmoset -here-), Bag- Violet Boutique, Accessories- Colombia, Sandals- Franco Sarto, Sunnies- Forever21

A few months ago on my birthday, I was walking down a relatively deserted street when I noticed a cupcake truck parked in front of me (*cue angelic music*).  I told myself to stay strong--- plenty of cake was coming later!  I brisked past with my head held high, feeling triumphant--- that is until the truck decided to sneak forward a few feet. (*cue doomed music*)  I looked back and the truck was parked once again. It must be my imagination! I thought as I picked up the pace... and then it moved again!  We continued this game of cat and mouse a few more times until I could resist no longer---- I finally gave in to a red velvet temptress.  Food truck: 1, Katherine: 0

So Friday, when I went to visit Ashley for lunch, you can imagine my panic when I saw at least 20 of these bad boys congregated around Farragut Square (like lions waiting to pounce on gazelles at the watering hole)  Kabobs, smoothies, milk and cookies, meat pies, tacos, pb & J, paninis---- you name it and someone has figured out a way to sell it on wheels.  So many choices... ahhh!!

1) You are invited to our grand opening party this Thursday, June 7th at the LPM Showroom in Columbia Heights! Sponsored by Black Dot Vodka, Red Rocks Pizzeria and Sticky Fingers Bakery--- Space is limited RSVP to

2) Ana Buitrago has released the details for the Flawless Face Workshop that will be held at the Showroom on Saturday, June 23rd (along with this pretty sweet video preview)


  1. Haha, i wish i worked in that area, they always have the best food trucks, we always get the leftover sucky ones on VA Ave!! I love the dress!! Can't wait to see your on Thursday.

  2. GOD I am just obsessed with that dress!!! And that bag! And i love it paired with your up-do. So hot mama. cant wait for thursday :) xo

  3. Cute dress. Love the cutouts. Great two-toned bag.

  4. this. dress. makes. me. sick. such a GOOD WAY....OMG you don't even know... *faints* :)

  5. you look beautiful !!!


  6. Great outfit! Love the yellow/lime accents.

  7. Who can resist a cupcake? So small and delicious. Love that black dress!

  8. I am in love with your dress! You look fabulous!


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