Thursday, October 20, 2011

Holey Moley...

I think I like them scuffed up more!

Photos by Sebastian Marin

Top- La Petite Marmoset Reconstructed Vintage, Shorts- Stradivarius, Chain bracelet- Dearbearcat, Purse- Vintage, Boots-Jeffrey "the Man" Campbell

...Guacamole! (I eat avocados everyday)

 Violet boutique in Adams Morgan is now carrying La Petite Marmoset reconstructed clothing! When owner Julie approached several weeks ago and asked to see samples I was excited to show her our hi-low cutout silk blouses-- It felt unreal when she placed an order. We hunted and picked out beautiful vintage shirts and prints to redesign and worked meticulously to make sure everything was finished to a T (my abuelita didn't want to see the pieces go!)---The best part had to be sewing tags with the LPM logo on the inside. It's like a dream come true! I won't get ahead of myself though, this is just a test to see how things go  Thanks again to Violet for giving us the opportunity--- I hope everything works out and we're able to work together again in the future! Either way, thanks again readers for your support!


Thank you for reading my blog! I appreciate all your comments :)

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