Saturday, October 1, 2011

Birthday and a DIY

Random perfect photo I found on Google!
Me at 1--- "Let them wear cake!"

La Petite Marmoset is officially 1 year old! Time flies by so quickly--- we've come a long way from the self-timer tripod photos in my dingy attic room. I've met some amazing people, attended events like I'd never imagined, and gained the courage to start a business--- all through the blog.  Thank you readers, followers, and supporters in general. I love the exchange of inspiration and feedback! Stay tuned for exciting upcoming developments. Sky's the limit :)

Also, check out V-log #2 below! DIY "Shirt as Skirt."


  1. Happy Birthday to your bloggy!! So happy we got to meet each other through networking events. You are not only Fab but so humble and sweet too! Wishing you and your blog nothing but success. :-) Happy 1st year, La Petite Marmoset!!


  2. I love the three outfit!!!
    Amazing blog, keep the good work!


  3. Great post, I like reading your blog! :)
    See mine @

  4. Congrats! I love your blog. Can't wait to see what the next year brings you!

  5. Hello there!
    I saw your posting for a position as a Fashion Marketing Intern on Montgomery College's Career Services' website and I was wondering if the position had been filled? The post is a couple of weeks old and I see no contact information, but I was hoping somehow there's still something available? If I could just have a contact email, I could send you my resume. I'm a Web Programming student with ambitions to do what you're doing one day. I love antique fashion, especially lolita-styled clothing and I meet all all of your requirements. He're my email: I look forward to hearing from you!
    -Natalia Silva

  6. Happy blog birthday! It was great to see you last night! Love these outfits - esp the one on the left.

  7. Congrats on the 1 yr! It was great meeting you at Hank's Oyster Bar. I love looking at fashion and makeup blogs, and glad the DC scene is growing. Michelle's blog is:


  8. Congrats on your one year! It's so exciting...I hope there is more to come :)



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