Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feeling Lucky?

Host Lacey stood out in an all red ensemble
Met Lauren of Haute off the Press-- I might have awkwardly petted her vest
Big fan of this cape+skinnies sillohuette!

Photos by La Petite Marmoset

All clothes from Anne Taylor Loft (except Baker's boots)

The DC blogosphere was abuzz this past Saturday when Lucky magazine partnered with Loft and A Lacey Perspective (Triple L baby!) for an afternoon of styling, champagne and Georgetown cupcakes. I'll be perfectly honest, I had never set foot in a Loft/Anne Taylor store before this event.  After having a chance to style head-to-toe Loft outfits, I realized I've been missing out! (Definitely walked away with that faux fur trim knit cape--45% discounts can't be denied!).  To nail the lid on my weekend budget coffin, Loft is strategically located next to a Nine West... let's just say I welcomed some new members into the shoe family.


  1. A lot of stylish people! You look amazing with the different outfits :) Am a huge fan of that cape look as well, i think the zeitgeist is calling us to use it this fall. Besos.

  2. Did not know you and you just discovered, I follow you because I love the information in your posts. I like the photo of the black and white shoes says a lot about you.

    XOXO from Munich

    La Vie Quotidienne.

  3. So great seeing you even though it was for just a second! I love all the pictures you took I'm going to need to take a lesson from you since I'm still uncomfortable & awkward with my camera lol.

  4. cool outerwear! love it :D

  5. There are a few stores I am just discovering (and loving) as well. I love suits so I've known about Ann Taylor and Loft for some time. I would love to take a trip to NYC and mingle with ladies such as yourself. It looked like a fun night!

    Superb site! Please honor me with your presence by Joining my blog.

    Style. Savvy. Chic.

  6. Gorgeous and stylish ladies. I love all the outfits. :)


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