Saturday, September 24, 2011

DC Fashion Week

Some of my favorite looks from Kelly Tang's collection at the Eco Fashion Show... (anyone know how to make everything on the right hand side of blogger move further away??)
Victoria of Curious Chase
Catching up with Julie of Violet Boutique and Spicy Candy DC at Dirty Martini
Vance and Triana of Purple District
Mad men inspired vintage pieces (Or should I say pieces that inspired Mad Men?up for auction at the Spicy Candy DC/Goodwill Fashionista event at Gossip on 23rd.
Can't get enough of these ladies!
Ms. DC 2011 modeling a vintage dress
Picked up this crazy awesome Asian-inspired 70's jacket--it's trimmed in rainbow fringe. Yes!
Amazing week! And I managed to come away with my wallet mostly intact...

Military Jacket- Forever21, Redesigned Leopard Print dress and Suede Criss Cross back dress- La Petite Marmoset Vintage


  1. loooots of amazing looks here! Love <3 nice pics xxxx

  2. love all the photos! so sad I missed the vintage show.

  3. Thank you for coming to our looked incredible as always! Totally obsessed over that dress & blue blazer you wore! We need to get together asap to discuss the project ;)


  4. all filled with beautiful people. great vintage-inspired store!



  5. Aww! Great photos. Everyone looks so glamorous. I love the madmen inspiration photo, too :) Some lovely looking pieces.

  6. Looks so fun! Lots of great shoes people are wearing too! xo

  7. Holy moley, that jacket is an insane find! Kind of sorry I didn't go to this...

  8. Thanks for coming out to the event and the mention! I hope to see you soon! -DCGF

  9. Yay!!!! My friend jocelyne is in the blue aqua dress with the guy in the suit: she was featured on my blog earlier this month : )


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