Friday, September 9, 2011

"There's a hole in my sweater, dear Liza dear Liza..."

Photos by Sebastian Marin

Parka- Zara, Sweater Dress- Stylestalker, Boots- from the 90s, Bag- Thrifted Banana Republic, Jewelry- Forever21

This is my post from Wednesday- Didn't have consistent Wifi!

These photos are from early yesterday--- I am currently sitting at the IFB conference at Milk Studio in NYC still wearing the exact same outfit (we'll come back to that in a moment).

Acquired these beautifully ugly 90's chunky climbing boots thanks to Sebastian's girlfriend--- she saved a treasure trove of vintage leather shoes from a family member's donating spree and directed them my way (This led to me sketchily rifling through a big black plastic bag in Sebastian's trunk in broad daylight). The sweater/dress/knit thing is reminiscent of a Sneed from the Lorax (anyone remember that Dr. Seuss book?)-- I swear it feels like wearing my favorite childhood blanket.

So why am I still wearing the Sneed more than 24hrs later like a hobo?  I took the DC-NY china town bus last night (first and last time I will do this)-- it got a flat 40 minutes away from Penn Station, but somehow it took another 3 hours to fix. When we finally arrived at 2am I was in zombie mode and wandered off the bus with everything I brought... except for my stowed away luggage with all my clothes (Ahh!). It wasn't until I got to the place I was staying that I realized my load was significantly lighter (I still can't believe I did this).  The luggage is scheduled to arrive tomorrow at 11am, so until then, I'm hobo-ing it out.

UPDATE: It's Friday and I finally got my luggage this morning--- just in time for my last hours here. Oh well, it was an excuse to do a little extra shopping at NYC's Fashion Night Out!

Also, if you're in the area tomorrow, make sure to stop by the DC convention center for CW's Fashion Beauty and Lifestyle Expo--- La Petite Marmoset Vintage will have a booth there! On the bus ride home I'll be formulating a plan for getting past Nigel Barker's security guards :)


  1. love the sweater dress, the back is beautiful!

  2. Love love this look! Your utility jacket is perfect..i'm obsessed with mine.

  3. It was so nice to see you in NYC girl! and this sweater is AMAZING!!! sexy and cozy!

  4. totally loving your outfit xx


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