Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bucket Head

My failed attempt at taking a picture of Xmas lights-- unintentially kind of cool!
bottomless mimosas!

Sweater- Gap (From 8th grade), Romper- Vintage, Tights- Forever21, Wedges,, Headband- Icing

Wore this outfit to brunch with the ladies on a particularly blustery morning. I love that the sweater has a huge turtleneck, which means i can hide my face in it or even fold it all the way up (the only thing missing is a set of eye holes) to protect from the cold.  On Sunday evening I discovered another use for it-- food receptacle.  I am a notoriously messy eater, especially when it comes to movie popcorn (I picked up my eating habits from cookie monster).  As I watched Love and Other Drugs (in which Jake Gyllenhaal's posterior has a starring role), popcorn that normally would have rolled into my lap and onto the floor ended up getting caught in my sweater collar (it's even shaped like a popcorn bucket).  A little gross? Maybe.  In these trying times, we cannot afford to waste food!


  1. I love the headband and shoes! You look great as always. :)

  2. The picture came out awesome actually. Wish I could rock a headband like that!

  3. reaally love the sweater and skirt combo ;). and your shoes are soo gorgeous. i am soo loving the DIY wedges post below!! i really need to try that, cuz the JC ones i loved so much.

    <3, Kathleen.

  4. You look fab! I'm so sorry but in a moment of slight techincal idiocy I managed to delete your comment on my post! Please feel free to leave it again!X

  5. Love your sweater!!!

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  6. This outfit is so cute and chic, love it's simlicity. xx

  7. Love the headband. I am the same way with food. It always seems to wind up everywhere but in my mouth, lol.


  8. Love this outfit and the chirstmas light picture is way cool!

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  9. love the outfit!!<3


  10. Love your shoes! and peeking at the previous post, love those! i am really into wedges now and i dont kno why..but definitely on my christmas list shopping for myself:)

    Great site!

    check out runway rundown

  11. I like how you are rocking the headband and black stockings. Very nice.


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