Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Inner Child

 Jacket and scarf- Thrifted, Dress- Rave, Necklace- Forever21, Booties- Jeffrey Campbell

Took a break from studying to go snap some pictures, and as soon as I walked outside, I wished I'd never left! (I tried to hide my cold angry face but I guess it didn't work.) Tyra Banks once stressed the importance of "creating your own wind" when taking pictures---completely unecessary today.

I can always count on finding the cutest little faux fur or leopard print trimmed jackets in the girl's section of the thrift store (like the one I'm wearing today), which otherwise tend to get snatched up right away from the adult section.  The best part is, the sleeves already fit at 3/4 length so there's no need to roll them up (plus they're even cheaper!). Vintage girl's stretch velvet dresses are also some of my favorite finds.

It's always an interesting moment when the cashier asks if the items are for a little sister..."Uh actually, they're for me!"  The cashier will then give me an uncomfortable look as if I belong with "Fur Man," this guy who frequents local thrift stores decked out in women's fur coats, hats, and furry slippers.  

He does have the best accessories!


  1. I'm 5ft2 and very slender, I generally fit in girls clothing aged about 10-11 which is great because in England children's clothing is VAT free so it's cheaper than adult clothing. I do get weird looks when I try things on and everyone is 10 and 12 and I'm 25 and trying on a pair of jeans...they're just jealous, I work those jeans :D

  2. I think I might have a scarf like yours from many years past (maybe my moms?), but I really like how you updated it with this look!

  3. this outfit is just perrfecctioonn <3 I love your style, and the writing in this post is so good!


  4. thanks for your comment! I love your aviator jeans jacket!:)



  5. great job on finding the jacket and scarf! those boots are so amazing!

  6. Love the pop of colour from the scarf!

  7. Great jacket, dress, boots ... Everything lloks just perfect! :)


  8. Oh my I love your outfit.
    The jacket is amazing and so are the shoes and the necklace.
    This is awesomeee!

    x helena

  9. really like your blog..I will be your new follower :)


  10. So Brit!! Love it!!
    Love your blog!

    see you!

    following you! ;)

  11. Adorable outfit, and so smart about shopping in the girls' section! I just scored a great "cropped" army jacket there too!


  12. love love love the jacket!


  13. goorgeous! i loove how you styled those litas ;). esp with the plaid scarf, stylish as always girl :).

    <3, Kathleen.


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