Saturday, December 18, 2010

Victorian Afternoon

Stopped by Keepin' it Chic in Kensington on the way back from my failed emissions test (I thought I was done with exams!) and snagged this great vintage victorian-style blouse--- I love the lace and beaded detail! I've been meaning to stop in there for a while, and I'm glad I finally did; owner Lamara's hand selected consignment (and very affordable) pieces were a welcome break from digging through warehouse thrift stores. 

What I wore to Kathleen's birthday dinner at Clyde's last night. (Happy late birthday! Rawrrrr)

Blazer and Blouse- Vintage, Jeans- Seven, Thigh-high boots- Urban Original, Jacket- Thrifted, Leopard Print dress- Rainbow


  1. ooh girl work them boots! I think I almost like the first outfit more without the jacket! And your dress in the second is stunning! Don't you just love Urban Original?

    Love from,

  2. those otk boots look amazing on you! that blazer is amazing, you look lovely <3


  3. I love the fierce boots! And the top is adorable.

    Stolen Stiletto

  4. love the dress <3
    and boots
    and shirt
    and WHOLE LOOKS <3

    will be glad if you follow or atleast visit me


  5. such daring boots! i like it

    xo denj

  6. love this post, you've got a great blog!
    i'll be back for sure.. =]
    and thanks for your sweet comments, they mean the world!
    come back and visit the revamped COSMICaroline anytime!


  7. love birthday dinners :) those boots are killer!! If you had a spare moment I would love if you visited me :)

    F. ( xx

  8. Gorgeous blouse! Those boots look just like the Louboutins!


  9. Cute looks! Love your dress in the second outfit, looks very pretty on you:)

    Xx Jorien


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