Friday, December 3, 2010


blazer- H&M, Blouse- Vintage, Jeans- Seven, Wedges-

My dad had a holiday party/fundraiser at his house tonight, the first of these types of events he's held there.  When I walked in, one of our family friends asked if she could take my coat! (She was clearly on automatic replay mode) I reassured her it would be safe in my room.  I found my normal couch potato crashing area transformed into a classy catered affair.  Definitely a little different from the parties I used to have there! (Had this been 6 years ago, the round tables would be replaced with one long beer pong table and the well-dressed guests would be passed-out teenagers. And don't let me forget, instead of jazz music you would hear oncoming sirens. Nosy neighbors!)

Monica, who helped me pick out my glasses! Love her :)
I hope my wedding reception looks this nice one day, let alone my xmas party!


  1. I love your outfit!! Your shirt and your scarf together are awesome


  2. so pretty! loving it!


  3. aw you look so pretty girl! i loove the leopard print and your scarf looks so cozy. :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  4. Love the pop of leopard print you added!

  5. love your red outfittt!!!

    will be happy if u follow or atleast visit my blog



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