Tuesday, December 21, 2010


My dad and I at dinner-- Sorry for lack of an outfit post!

This place is--wow! The city is preserved in its colonial architecture and is entirely surrounded by an old Spanish fort that was designed to keep out Carribean pirates (arrrr). Music is bumping out of every restaurant and the streets are filled with performers and people (all incredibly nice) selling jewelry, bags, food---even phone calls? (A guy with a cellphone is literally standing outside my window holding a sign above his head that says he will place your long distance call for a small fee). I laughed when I saw a travel brochure that read Colombia: The Only Danger is Not Wanting to Leave! Sooo true.


  1. Love the blog! Very good ♥ Following each other? What do you think? Kisses, ♥ Van

  2. It looks very pretty there! I wouldn't mind going there anytime! :)


  3. omg those pictures are amazing! i am dying to go! i would have wanted to buy all of those bags!




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