Monday, December 13, 2010

Can't Touch This Chicken or this Fur Jacket

The bf kept making fun of my jumpsuit yesterday saying I looked like one of MC Hammer's backup dancers. I'll take it as a complement! The jumpsuit is a tad big, but when I came across it in the thrift store a couple of years ago, I just couldn't say no! I completely forgot about it until I found it hanging in the back of my closet this weekend.

A humming bird in a flower
Visited one of my favorite fast-food restaurants Saturday- the grease soaked brown paper bag says it all!  For those of you outside of the DC area, or if you've never tried Peruvian chicken, Pollo Rico is hands down one of the best charbroiled chicken joints ever!  You know their chicken is good when they can survive being shut down once because of a devasting fire, a second time due to a money-laundering scandal and STILL have lines out the door. Oh yea, and then there's the fact that their website is called

My little brother wearing an H&M hat-- one of the most photogenic four year-olds I know! (Of course I'm not at alllll biased)

I'd never owned a fur jacket until I found this one thrifting recently.  I've always considered thrifted or vintage fur morally okay (even though bf kept telling me 100 rabbits died for it. "Lalalala not listening!") and I know there are probably some people out there who hate me right now, but it's just so warm! It also sheds a lot, which is its only downside. (Note to self: Never wear with velvet!) After wearing it Saturday night, bf begged me not to don it again because his peacoat was covered with so much fur, you'd think we owned 100 rabbits.
You know when you look through your camera the day after going out and think, "Oh God, when did we take these pictures?" That's exactly what these last three were.

Jumpsuit-Vintage, Pumps- Urban Outfitters, Earrings-Dollar Store (yes!), Ring- Icing, Fur Jacket and Scarf- Thrifted, Dress- Motel from Urban Outfitters


  1. You look great! Your little brother is adorable!

  2. loving stacked heel and dress. definitely now following

    since you luv vintage, stop by
    pls follow if you like

  3. You are so beautiful! Haha. Your boyfriend sounds funny. I think that jumpsuit is AMAZING and I desperately want one just like it!

    Ahhhhh.... I really love it.


    Best wishes,


  4. Loooove the jumpsuit and the shoes together! Love the velvet dress as well but I'm not a huge fan of the fur jacket like that... I don't know exactly why! Your brother looks like a sweetheart, mine too but we both know they can be little devils ;-)

    ps: Thank you for your comment!!xx

  5. Waw I really like it this photos!
    The ring ias amazing, your little brother very cute and you're outfits...... I like like like it all!!

    I follow you, Kisses

  6. i love that jumpsuit! it's gorgeous! and your little brother is sooo adorable!


  7. Fantastic jumper and your brother is soo adorable!!

  8. Ha! I have the H&M hat your little brother is wearing... it looks cuter on him. I need to find a fur jacket like the one your wearing. So cozy.


  9. great jumpsuit!

    thanks for your comment on my blog:)


  10. Pollo Rico!!! Never tried it but my bf raves about it. Question though. I'm visiting the VA in a couple weeks and well since you mentioned the DC area which is about 30 min from where I'll be I was wondering if you could recommend any thrift shops? Haha. Awesome post, I loved it!

  11. PS. 2 legit 2 quit in that jumpsuit!


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