Thursday, December 2, 2010

Minty Fresh

Coat- Zara, Sweater and Hat- Thrifted, Dress, Socks, and Boots- Forever 21

Is this sweater what you would call "mint", or is it "sea foam green?"  

I'm never completely sure, but what I do know is I go through phases where I hunt specifically for clothing of this color.  For some reason, it comes and goes in stores, and I think it's actually quite beautiful!

The guy in the background of the last picture was definitely confused as to why his morning walk turned into a photo shoot.


  1. I just bought a mint colored T and honestly don't have a clue of what to do with it, but I think black is the way to go.
    Loving your outfit!

  2. You know, I think its a bit of both. LOVE this look. You look great.


  3. love the color on you no matter what you call it :) And the hat is fab!

  4. I know where that is!! hahaha did you walk all the way over there?

  5. wow LOVE your outfit! the hat is so fierce!

    following your blog, love it! follow mine back?


  6. Very very cool! I love how you layer everything. It makes each outfit interesting in its own way.

  7. love you rhat and jumper - i need your hat - so cold right now xxxx

  8. i would say sea foam green :) loving your hat

    stop by sometime<3

  9. i love your hat!! beautiful color on your sweater too!

  10. The color of your sweater is so serene and gorgeous, woa!


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