Monday, December 20, 2010

Up in the Air

Somehow I've managed to wear black and gold to every christmas party!

Blazer- Express, Women's XXL Blouse worn as dress- Vintage, Pumps- Urban Outfitters

I'm up in the air! Literally! I was so excited when I found out my airline offered free in-flight wi-fi for the holidays so I would be able to get in a quick post. It's crazy to me how that's possible (I feel like my mom marveling at the modern technology of the GPS).  

I love everything about flying, from the sound of boarding passes being printed out (ahhh), to the moving walkways (the only time I can successfully moonwalk), to the teeny versions of popular restaurants, airplane food that comes in neat little packages (of course anything dealing with food in general), cheap plane blankets (I'm wearing mine snuggie-style right now), and even the unseasoned traveler behind me who thinks turbulence is the end of the world (she's been freaking out the whole time in another language). 

I think my life will be complete when I can glide through security George Clooney style without missing a beat.  No matter how much I try to think it through, I'm always the person everyone glares at for holding up the line because I made the mistake of wearing shoes with impossible buckles or forgot about a container of mysterious fluid lurking in my carry-on. (When the x-ray machine conveyor belt reverses and spits out my bag I can almost hear it say, "YOU FAIL!")  


  1. I love to travel, but I hate to fly :( this dress is gorgeous!! I am hosting a giveaway, would love for u to enter!!

  2. Nice blouse/dress! :) And you've combined it perfectly with this belt and black tights

  3. That dress is beautiful! And so are you! :)


  4. elle est magnifique cette robe, j'aime beaucoup.
    Très jolies photos

  5. Cute dress!!! I loove this look :)


  6. Oh my, I love that dress with the blazer.
    Great look. It's gorgeous :D

    x helena


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