Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Jacket and T-shirt dress- Forever 21, Fringe Boots- Bakers

Sorry for the lag time between posts, I'm getting ready to go on a trip next week and have been working ahead on some schoolwork/ ebay and social networking (finally made a facebook page for the blog! Like at the right, pretty please.)  Also in the process of turning my room into a showroom (just ordered some more clothes racks and a dress form mannequin, I wonder what the neighbors will think when they see a headless figure wearing a dress in my window!). I can't wait to be able to devote myself full time to this once I graduate (Just 2 1/2 more months of pinching myself to stay awake in class/day dreaming about how I can give one of my professors a makeover...)  I want to thank you for hanging in there and leaving your lovely comments! I've enjoyed seeing many of you transition your outfits to spring, it's hard to believe in just a few short weeks it'll be time for cherry blossoms!

Just added some new items to the store today, plus a quick video from our last photo shoot! Very amateur (looks like an earthquake is going on), but I wanted you to show you how some of the dresses move (especially the beaded tassle ones! They were made to shimmy in).

In case you were wondering, the song in the video is "El Tigeraso" by Maluca--- definitely at the top of my going out playlist!


  1. very cool photo shoot! I love the outfit you're in too, it kind of reminds me of, i had to do a double take! lovely!

  2. I love the blazer you're wearing in the top photos. It is fun to run across your blog; I am also a DC-based blogger! It's nice to see that all the fashionistas haven't fled to New York & L.A. :) keep the posts coming!

  3. Great laid back outfit. Very nice jacket.

  4. loved the video. the song- downloading it as we speak (or type)! the clothes are amaizng. when I manage to scrounge up so many i will definely be making a purchse. that last top- whoa!!!
    you yourself look great. the jacket is gorgeous piece. hang in there with schoool!

  5. yeay for making your dreams come true, totally cool! You're a go getter and you have an awesome jacket and fierce shoes :D

  6. Gorgeous outfit...great post and photos!

  7. great pics!! love the first jacket!!

  8. Looove the jacket!

    Your blog is amazing! Follow! Follow back? <3

  9. So much beautiful things ! Your navy blue blazer looks great !

  10. I love the blazer! Keep up all the great work and stay busy!
    Have a great weekend

  11. the jacket that you are wearing is awesome (the first pic).
    And I just found your blog, I really like it

    stop by sometime if you like


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