Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blogger Happy Hour

Jacket- Thrifted, Dress- Vintage, Headband- Icing, Shoes- Forever 21

This is the sheer Alice in Wonderland-ish dress I mentioned that I shortened a couple of posts ago (was originally mid-calf length). I've been gravitating towards light blue a lot recently for some reason.

Got a chance to meet up this evening with fellow DC area fashion bloggers including a Lacey Perspective, Wardrobe Oxygen, Capital Fashionista, So Much to Smile About, Stylin' and Profilin, Martafacts, and DC Goodwill Fashionista.  Among the hot topics of the night: how to change the misconception of DC as being a sartorial wasteland.  Okay, so maybe a couple of women like to wear sneakers and socks with their power suits on the metro-- that's not representative of everyone!


  1. You are so quick! Love it! And so glad to have met you!

  2. The dress is even more lovely in person - and so are you! Was so awesome to meet you! We must do it again soon! :)

  3. Oh, come on! You wear AMAZING, DAZZLING SHOES! :P:P:P


  4. I would have loved to attend this event! If something like this is planned again, I would definitely come. I am excited to see people would love fashion (and show it) in the DC area.

    Anywho, lovely outfit.

  5. blue really fits you well:) I want more blue stuff in my wardrobe aswell.. and I'm glad you pointed that out! you're the first one to say so.. about the polka dot bikini song:) i love that song.

  6. Love your shoes:)

  7. amazing outfit ! love it so much !

  8. such a beautufl dress love the light hue and its flowiness. love this look as always.

    fashion bloggers unite!

  9. thanks for the comment and btw I love those shoes in the first pic. Nice blog as well, and you all have style!!

    Am loving those bags.


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