Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Les Cargo

Blazer- Banana Republic, Tank- Tennis, Cargos- Forever21, Wedges-, Scarf- Thrifted

This is what the headscarf looked like unfolded-- I wanted to make sure to show you that crazy rabbit pattern (the sole reason I purchased it)! I did a DIY a few months ago on how to sew an elastic turban headband, but there's actually a much easier way to take pretty much any piece of cloth (i.e. sweater tie, those random cloth belts that come with cheap outfits, neck scarves) and turn it in to a great head scarf that stays put! No sewing involved-- there are many tutorials out there, but I particularly like this one from Song of Style.

These days I tend to stay away from anything involving the word "cargo." I remember watching Aaliyah's video for Are You That Somebody back in 6th grade and buying similarly baggy pants-- what looks great in a R&B video doesn't necessarily translate well to school halls! (Try explaining to the principal that, no, your pants aren't falling down, you actually meant to have them hanging half way down your Soffee shorts, which looked like underwear). For this black skinny pair, however, I'll make an exception-- no unwanted bulk and flattering pockets! A win win combination :)


  1. love that scarf the colour is fantastic. using it as a headscarf is pretty genius! love the backdrop for this outfit of the blue wall.

  2. Love the red headband!

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  3. Your shoes are amazing! And love the turban effect w/ that beautiful scarf.

  4. I love the scarf! I love the print! I love how you wore it with this outfit for a POP of color! This is perfect!

  5. these photos are beautiful and that head band is amazing! i'm in love.


  6. love these photos,especially the first one :)
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  7. I love it!

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  8. I definitely need to start trying headscarfs myself. You have an amazing body btw, you look super athletic and tall! :D

  9. this outfit is fabulous on you - i love the shoes and the headscarf!

  10. The khaki and red are such a great color combination! I love how those shoes look with the skinny jeans, too!

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  12. Nice outfit, the foulard on head is so cool!

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  13. You are sooooo rocker chic!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! all you need is Lenny Kravitz by your side and you are SET !!!! That heaband is awwwwwesome!!! Happy fRIDAY babe!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  14. love this look and the headband looks fantastic xxx

  15. really really cute, but i absolutely LOVE the wedges!

  16. I want a pair of those pants in green. I love them.

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  17. omgg can i please have your shoes?! lol. and i really love how you rock the turban trend, gorgeous! and always so chic love :). def cargo's are a must to get too! i love yours! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  18. love this pop of color!!!


    xoxo from rome

  19. Just discovered your blog and i like it ! Your style is really great !

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  20. I like the shoes and the blazer.
    Awesome look <3

  21. I'm SO obsessed with those wedges. Ummmm amazing! I'll be searching for something similar now!


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