Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scissor Hands

I really liked the fact that this dress had pockets, and apparently the previous owner did too-- there were used tissues stuffed in each one when I bought it. Ew!

Dress- Vintage, Pleather Jacket- Rainbow, Boots- Jeffrey Campbell, Platforms- Jessica Simpson

Spent yesterday afternoon catching up on some much needed vintage alterations (it was like a big pink elephant growing in my closet). I loved the pattern and color of this dress, but the length felt very Chiquita Banana---it's amazing what simply chopping off a couple of inches of fabric (or in this case, feet)  will do.  Hemmed a couple of other dresses/ skirts (including one sky blue sheer Alice in Wonderland-looking number, so excited for it!).  At one point I got a little scissors-happy and ended up lopping off wayyy too much of one dress-- it would probably only be appropriate for an 8 year old at this point!  


  1. The dress looks so much more amazing when you cut it!!!
    I love the look!

  2. the dress turned out amazingly! i especially love the cold weather look you styled in the first 2 pics! what brand is that leather jacket?

    xo denj

  3. Well done!! This is amazing. The dress is better short :P We follow your blog and we would appreciate it if you follow us back..

    Thank you,

  4. Gorgeous! This dress looks incredible with your handiwork, and you look amazing in that leather jacket! LITAS!!!! Haha more power to ya girl!

  5. Nice alterations! I like the way you made a new outfit out of an old one.

  6. So cute!
    I love the shortened version :D

  7. Wow → This doesn't even look like the same dress! - Stunning on you ☆


    baci ♥ Brad

  8. loving the DIY-ed dress! looks heaps cute how you've styled it :)

  9. that dress is incredible! love how you transformed it! ENCROYABLE!

  10. I love that you shortened the dress! Looks ten times better/sexier! Also love the jacket and the shoes with it!

  11. loove your shoes!!xx

  12. i totally dig that you shortened that dress!! it looks amazing on you!

  13. shortened to perfection. maxi dresses are great but scossiring them up never hurt. love how it turned out.


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