Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Bling

Blazer and Blouse- Thrifted, Shorts- Stradivarius, Tights- Forever21, Booties- Rainbow, Ring- CleanWired

While poking around on facebook the other day (not to be confused with stalking) I came across an old high school classmate's profile and found out she makes the most amazing wire wrapped jewelry!  When I saw this big beautiful chunky "Who Needs a Diamond" quartz ring on her Etsy store I knew it had to be mine!  I love the intricate weaving of the wire as opposed to it simply being wrapped around.  A few days and email exchanges later Jeannie was at my door (I realized that paying for shipping when we live in the same zip code was pointless) and telling me about her growing side business. Gotta love social networking!


  1. That ring is amazing! I'm in love.

    Love the outfit as well. Tights are adorable!

  2. Katherine- Thank you so much!! I LOVE your blog.

    Jeannie <3

  3. Nice pictures. Love your outfit, especially your shorts. really cute!

  4. this is a rare facebook story to tell. what are the odds you would stumble upon this? gorgeous ring it has a beautiful construction, your leather shorts are fabulous.

  5. great outfit, love the jacket!
    visit me and we can follow each other, if you want! :)

  6. That's some ring you got there. Love it



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