Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Computer

 What is going on here?
 Crochet Tunic and bag- Colombia, Head wrap- Todo Moda, Sandals- Baker's

Ahh, if only I could walk around pantless like this everyday!  Was feeling the hippie vibes and spent part of an afternoon checking out all the crazy murals in Playa Del Carmen.

I'm borrowing a graham cracker sized laptop/ tablet until the Mac comes back from repairs, hopefully not all is lost (thanks for the condolences!). It makes me feel like I have huge man hands!  Posting was somewhat difficult (I'm also stylus-challenged) so I called the bf and had him log in and upload pictures from photobucket for meWhen I finally logged in, the title of this draft read "My Boyfriend is the Best Ever!" Nice touch. Had to change it!


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  2. hahaha i have no idea whats going on there in that wall painting. but i love your outfit! that dress is amazing, and i wish i could walk around pantless everyday too. thanks for your comment! visit again :)


  3. I love adore this outfit! I 've seen some of your older posts and your style is perfect! Really!
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  4. This dress is amazing! You are so gorgeous!!

  5. Wow, beautiful outfit!

  6. love the hippie boho vibes. you look stunning. the crotchet tunic is perfect not to mention your cool headwrap!

  7. Very cute outfit... makes me want to eat sunflower seeds and hug a tree lol

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  8. This is freaking gorgeous! xx♥

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