Sunday, February 27, 2011

New This Week!

Just posted these on ebay-- Wish I could keep the neon body con dress for myself!  Check out the link at the right :)

Born This Way

I wanted sushi, bf wanted to make the last metro... pouting ensued!
Attended a fashion networking event at Tabaq Bistro on Thursday night with DC area models, stylists, buyers, bloggers, and photographers.  Saw some familiar faces-- like Lamara of Keeping It Chic! (Wore one of her lovely shirts in an earlier post). Also saw several guys posing as "photographers" to hit on girls. (The pick up line, "Are you a model? Because I have a home photography studio..." was heard frequently. Really now?).  Aside from those few lecherous fellows, I'd say the night was a success!
GW bloggers Vive La Demoiselle
Lacey Maffetone, love how she styled her vintage dress!
Our metro ride home coincided with the end of a Lady Gaga concert... This devoted Gaga-ette crafted his own claw shoes!

Jacket and necklace- Forever21, Scarf- Thrifted, Beaded Vest- Vintage, Tunic- Rainbow, Booties- Jeffrey Campbell

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Les Cargo

Blazer- Banana Republic, Tank- Tennis, Cargos- Forever21, Wedges-, Scarf- Thrifted

This is what the headscarf looked like unfolded-- I wanted to make sure to show you that crazy rabbit pattern (the sole reason I purchased it)! I did a DIY a few months ago on how to sew an elastic turban headband, but there's actually a much easier way to take pretty much any piece of cloth (i.e. sweater tie, those random cloth belts that come with cheap outfits, neck scarves) and turn it in to a great head scarf that stays put! No sewing involved-- there are many tutorials out there, but I particularly like this one from Song of Style.

These days I tend to stay away from anything involving the word "cargo." I remember watching Aaliyah's video for Are You That Somebody back in 6th grade and buying similarly baggy pants-- what looks great in a R&B video doesn't necessarily translate well to school halls! (Try explaining to the principal that, no, your pants aren't falling down, you actually meant to have them hanging half way down your Soffee shorts, which looked like underwear). For this black skinny pair, however, I'll make an exception-- no unwanted bulk and flattering pockets! A win win combination :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blogger Happy Hour

Jacket- Thrifted, Dress- Vintage, Headband- Icing, Shoes- Forever 21

This is the sheer Alice in Wonderland-ish dress I mentioned that I shortened a couple of posts ago (was originally mid-calf length). I've been gravitating towards light blue a lot recently for some reason.

Got a chance to meet up this evening with fellow DC area fashion bloggers including a Lacey Perspective, Wardrobe Oxygen, Capital Fashionista, So Much to Smile About, Stylin' and Profilin, Martafacts, and DC Goodwill Fashionista.  Among the hot topics of the night: how to change the misconception of DC as being a sartorial wasteland.  Okay, so maybe a couple of women like to wear sneakers and socks with their power suits on the metro-- that's not representative of everyone!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Do the Creep

This afternoon I was approached by an old man (Anyone seen that SNL video "Do the Creep?" That kind of guy...) on a deserted street who found it mind boggling that I was taking photos without pressing any buttons.  I politely explained at first, but then he leaned in close (effectively popping my personal space bubble.), looked at me with big beady eyes through his thick rimmed glasses and asked for my number. Gah!  I declined as I folded up my tripod and ran (well, more like fast-walk-hopped in heels) back to my car. I've changed my mind about wanting a tiny monkey as a pet--considering buying a Rotweiler!
Been catching up with pictures from London Fashion Week on had to share some of my favorite looks from Basso & Brooke!  That crazy print coat in the middle is calling my name for next fall.

Jacket and top- Rainbow, Scarf- Thrifted, Pants- Zara, Booties-, Bag- Vintage

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Clean-day

Coat- Vintage, Maxi dress and necklace- Forever21, Headband- Icing, Booties- Jeffrey Campbell

Found this fur-trim coat on the same trip that I picked up this one-- thankfully it doesn't shed as much!  Sunday is my reality check/ get life in order day.  I spent most of the day cleaning-- I had accumulated a monstrous pile of boxes at my mom's from various online shoe purchases over the last couple of months (even found a pair I hadn't opened yet...). As I flattened each one I thought Yikes! Did I really order this many? Guess I went a little crazy-- when the option was between groceries or shoes, I usually chose the latter.  Upon seeing the final result, my mom got a little too excited (she sent me text messages later this afternoon thanking me profusely for cleaning!)-- that's how bad it was.  

Currently listening to the Edith Piaf station on Pandora-- my favorite for late night planning/homework. Love this song by Pink Martini-- think retro French lounge music with updated cheeky lyrics. Enjoy!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Grandma Workout Plan

Top and Shorts- Vintage, Shoes-

This top was originally a floor length XL blue gown which I cut the bottom off of (The skirt was just plain blue fabric).  I'm excited that I finally get to wear it with shorts sans tights-- the weather has been amazing the last couple of days! (Although my mom insisted on fowarding me an email labeled "EXTREME WIND ADVISORY TONIGHT." Way to burst my bubble!)  

Should have taken a close up of the shorts, they have a beautiful crochet overlay on the front and are high waisted (and I mean high!).  My grandma loves these-- she used to scold me for wearing low rise bottoms because she believed they caused permanent love handles.  "In my day, all the women had tiny waists-- today, all I see is muffin top! It's because of those butt crack jeans of yours!" she once told me. Nice. How about being able to breath? And more importantly, eat? 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Bling

Blazer and Blouse- Thrifted, Shorts- Stradivarius, Tights- Forever21, Booties- Rainbow, Ring- CleanWired

While poking around on facebook the other day (not to be confused with stalking) I came across an old high school classmate's profile and found out she makes the most amazing wire wrapped jewelry!  When I saw this big beautiful chunky "Who Needs a Diamond" quartz ring on her Etsy store I knew it had to be mine!  I love the intricate weaving of the wire as opposed to it simply being wrapped around.  A few days and email exchanges later Jeannie was at my door (I realized that paying for shipping when we live in the same zip code was pointless) and telling me about her growing side business. Gotta love social networking!

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